Welcome to the textle documentation!


textle is a cross-platform tool designed to simplify the creation, modification and use of document pipelines.

Have you ever chained together pandoc, xetex or others and thought to yourself, "Wow! This is a massive pain!"? textle aims to ease this process, letting you define how your project is built in seconds with its pipeline syntax, and even letting you store templates to further speed up the process of starting a new project.

Getting started

An extremely basic use of textle would be simply

$ textle new "tex:my_tex.tex -> pdf:my_tex.pdf"

but it can range all the way to things like

$ textle new "pandoc.markdown:essay.md -> tex.xetex + biblatex.biber:bib.bib -> pdf:essay.pdf" --externals /home/matthew/mla-template.tex --pandoc:template mla-template.tex --pandoc:bib_source biblatex

Once this is done, getting the document is as easy as

$ textle go
$ # or if you want it to build it live
$ textle live

For more information, see the user guide

If you want to extend textle with new steps, see the API index.